(Health and Healing) Singing Bowl
(Health and Healing) Singing Bowl

(Health and Healing) Singing Bowl

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Healing Buddha Singing Bowl

This is a high-quality singing bowl made from seven healing metals, with a guaranteed long, soothing and clear tone. It has the mantra of Medicine Buddha "Ta-Ya-Tha Om Bhe-Khenze Bhe-Khenze Maha Bhe-Khenze Raja Samudgate Ye Swaha" engraved on the outside of the bowl, and a relief carving of the deity Medicine Buddha inside the bowl.

Medicine Buddha is regarded as a deity for peace, calm & tranquility.

...include with the singing bowl is a  cushion, a mallet & instruction pamphlet.

Size: 6" diameter., 3" height

Handmade & Fair trade item.


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