Body Friendly Furniture


Why Body Friendly Furniture?

Most modern furniture puts us in unhealthy positions which contribute to poor health and back pain. The alternative is furniture which puts you in healthy aligned positions which energize, tone and restore you as you work.


Why Movement Matters

The sedentary lifestyle has been found to cause major health problems sometimes called Metabolic Syndrome and Office Illness. Putting healthy movement into everyday life is the only way to alleviate the damage of prolonged chronic sitting.



There is nothing like the feeling of being alive and inspired rather than stuck at a desk all day. Our designs put you in energizing as well as restorative positions depending on your energy needs and type of activity.


Modular Options

Our designs are built with modular concepts as the cornerstone. Each piece has multiple uses and can be combined with other pieces to create entirely new arrangements any time your needs or whims take you to a different place.